Shenzhen WEIMEI CO. is a Taiwanese multinational corporation headquartered in China, Shenzhen, that develops, design, manufactures, support and sells nursery equipment. Our main products includes Baby Walker、Play yart、High chair and Booster.
WeiMei was founded by Jeff and Shiao Ping on March 1,1993, to provide parents has multiple choices for the arrival of a new family.
Follow the principle of “ Quality first as well as service.”, WeiMei’s products has passed many test regulation in America、Euro and Japan such as EU standard. And most of the products also protected by patent in the world. We already delivered variety products into American、European、Japanese and middle east countries’ market. Provide a more safety and more comfortable life style for our lovely customers.
At WeiMei’s business cluture and value “Efficiency、Honesty、Positive” are provided a platform for our employees to spread their aspiration. We believe employees would enjoy the work and the company would grow and to achieve a win-win situation in a near future.

About Us
Add: No.7,JiGutian,Industrial Park,Nanyue Area, Longgang Street,Longgang District,ShenZhen , China
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